What do I do after getting a Super Speeder ticket?

Question: An 18-year-old got a speeding ticket on 4/1/17 100 in a 65 in another county. This was his first offense. He spent the night in jail, and there was a bond of $1,200.00. He paid the bond and then released. They said only option at the time was to pay the bond or stay in jail […]

5 Tips to Prepare You for an Interview With Immigration

#1: Dress appropriately Dress semi-formal. This shows that you are taking this moment seriously and that it is a very important matter. #2: Do not bring children if they are not a part of the application Children can be a distraction for you when you are waiting your turn to be interviewed. These interviews may also be […]

What happens when evidence is handed over to the DA?

Question: My boyfriend had his bond reduction hearing today and his public defender handed over evidence to the DA that she believes will exonerate him. My question is, what happens now? Will he get another court date? Does the DA have a certain amount of time to look at the evidence? I don’t really know […]

Probation: Babysitter for the Court

After spending months worrying about the outcome of your criminal case, you finally received a plea offer that allows you to serve a term of probation instead of being sentenced to jail or prison.  Unfortunately most attorneys and judges don’t really explain what probation truly requires.   Probation in Georgia can take many forms.  The […]


Why were you speaking with the Police in the first place? You rarely (I mean winning the lottery rare) will convince an officer of your innocence.  If you ask any criminal defense attorney worth their salt, the first things they say are “DON’T TALK TO POLICE” & DON’T CONSENT TO A SEARCH.”  Yet the majority […]


1.) Keep a WRITTEN LOG of all communication with Probation.  They are keeping a LOG on you.  Your only defense is to ACCURATELY summarize any communication you have with them.   2.) If you request permission to DEVIATE from a probation term (seeking permission to miss a counseling session or traveling issues), follow up with a CONFIRMING […]


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