Probation Question

Question: Ok I've been on probation for a while, I have 2 years left. I'm unsupervised and I call in every month, but I haven't sent money in a while because I haven't had any money. I haven't been in trouble, but today my parole officer called and said you haven't made a payment I [...]


Fighting Burglary Charges in Georgia

Burglary charges are serious and will result in a felony record if you are convicted. If you are facing burglary charges, a criminal defense lawyer at George McCranie Law Firm can help. What Are the Consequences of Conviction? The consequences of a felony conviction in Georgia are severe, and will affect many areas of your life. In [...]


What Can I Do About My Sentence?

Question: What can I do about my sentence? I got a speeding ticket. I did 63 in a 45, and the officer who pulled me over was kind enough to call it 59 in a 45 on the ticket. My sentence is: $146 fine, 6months probation which is $44 a month, 20hrs community service, a [...]


Will You Be Convicted of DUI for Failing Field Sobriety Tests?

If you were given field sobriety tests and later charged with a DUI, an experienced Valdosta defense attorney can help you avoid the harshest criminal penalties. When you’re pulled over and an officer suspects you may be intoxicated, you may be given a series of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs). The approved SFSTs in GA are [...]


George McCranie Speaks at VSU Criminal Justice Honor Society

Mr. George McCranie was a great panelist/speaker at the annual Alpha Phi Sigma “AFTER THE DEGREE” program at VSU. Alpha Phi Sigma is the Criminal Justice Honor Society at Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Georgia. Alpha Phi Sigma hosts this event annually and Mr. George was honored to be a panelist/speaker. “I am glad I [...]


Blast From the Past: Who Knew Mr. George Appeared on ABC, CBS, The CW, NBC, and Fox News?

Lights, Camera, Action... George McCranie, Georgia DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney, was recently seen on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX news affiliates around the country as an expert guest on the TV show, America’s PremierExperts® George McCranie – Local DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney, 2-time Best-Selling Author and Documentary Movie Producer, has been featured on [...]

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