Welcome to the McCranie Law Firm - George McCranie IV

Welcome to the McCranie Law Firm. I am DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney -- George McCranie. Thanks for taking the time to watch my videos. Since 1998 -- the McCranie Law Firm has helped thousands of clients - in their DUI, Marijuana Possession, Speeding, Probation Revocation, & other criminal cases.
You can learn a lot by watching my videos. But please keep in mind -- Every case is different. Your case is not "exactly" like the case let's say of a friend of yours. The best way for you to understand your case -- is to speak with an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney about the specifics of your case.
So if you have been charged with a crime in Georgia and have questions about hiring a lawyer -- please do not hesitate to call my office at (866) 887-0619 or you can get more free information and videos on my website www.totalduidefense.com and remember our initial consultation is completely free -- confidential and there is no obligation whatsoever.