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Georgia DUI Blood Test

Helping Clients Challenge DUI Blood Test Results in Drunk Driving Cases

If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs based on the results of a blood test, you have a right to mount a defense against the charges and force the prosecutors to prove that the results are accurate and that your driving was impaired.

There are many ways a Blood Tests may be incomplete. These include:

  1. Was the blood test kit within its certification date?
  2. Was the blood drawn on site, prepared using the correct chemicals.
  3. Was the blood sample mixed using the proper procedure to ensure the preservation of the sample before testing.
  4. Was the blood test transported & preserved properly before testing etc.

The George McCranie Law Firm is based in Valdosta & Douglas, GA and serves clients throughout southeast Georgia. Having defended clients against DUI charges since 1998, we understand how a DUI blood test in Georgia should be determined and how to challenge the results in court.

Understanding How Blood Tests Work and How to Fight Them

While breath tests are used as the primary evidence of guilt in most DUI cases, there are a few types of cases in which blood is drawn and head-space gas chromatography — a blood testing method — is used instead. The following are the most common of these circumstances:

  • Drug-related DUI: If the police suspect that you have been driving under the influence of drugs, they may draw blood in order to test it for a variety of illegal and prescription drugs.
  • DUI accidents: When the police arrive at the scene of an accident in which a suspected impaired driver is unconscious, they will often draw blood in order to run a DUI test.

Like breath testing, blood testing is far from foolproof. Just because a blood test report shows the presence of alcohol or illegal / prescription drugs, that does not mean you should plead guilty. We are experienced at working with credible experts to evaluate blood test results and challenge them in court.

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