Georgia Drug-Related DUI

Georgia Drug DUI Attorney

Fighting to Avoid Criminal and Driver’s License Penalties

If you have been charged with driving under the influence of drugs (DUI drugs) in Georgia, you could be facing serious criminal penalties, as well as suspension of your driver’s license. You have a right to a defense against these charges, and an experienced attorney can help.

I am George McCranie IV, an experienced Coffee County drug DUI lawyer serving clients throughout southeast Georgia. I understand what the prosecutors need to prove in order to convict you of DUI drugs, and I am prepared to hold them accountable in court if necessary.

Defending Clients Against Illegal and Prescription Drug DUI Charges

In Georgia, driving under the influence is considered the same offense, with the same penalties, whether you are accused of driving with illegal or prescription drugs or alcohol in your system. The DUI laws also make no distinction between illegal drugs and legally obtained prescription drugs.

However, while alcohol has a defined blood alcohol content — .08 — above which you are presumed unable to drive safely, there is no cutoff point for illegal or prescription drugs.

Therefore, in order to convict you of DUI drugs, the prosecutors need to prove not only that you had drugs in your system, but also that you were driving unsafely. Furthermore, they have to prove that your unsafe driving was a result of the effects of the drugs in your system.

Of course, if marijuana, cocaine or other illegal drugs are found in your car, you may be charged with drug possession in addition to DUI. As an experienced criminal defense lawyer and former prosecutor, I am fully prepared to defend you against both charges.

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If you’ve been charged with drug DUI, you need to act quickly to have a fair chance of preserving your driver’s privileges and avoiding a conviction. To schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case, please contact my office at 912-384-2889 or by e-mail.