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- First of all I would like to thank God for the best outcome I received and the staff as well. I was really nervous throughout the case but Mr. McCraine and Mrs. Cindy really gave me hope and really appreciate that ya'll didn't give up on me. I would recommend this staff to anyone and I will be able to tell them from experience. Next time I go to the office it won't be to fight a case but hopefully a pass to residency/citizenship. Thank you again for everything and God bless all of you :) -J.C.M.

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Our aim is not only to defend our clients, but to also educate the public. This section of our site will help you learn more about different criminal charges. Also, you can find associated video links and reports about each of these different topics. So go ahead, click on one that you are interested in and Get Educated!

Attorney – George F. McCranie IV

DUI Lawyer Douglas, GA & ValdostaGeorge McCranie has gained fame throughout Georgia for his success as a DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney and as a three-time Best-Selling Author. George works tirelessly to educate the public on DUI/Criminal Defense issues by answering online questions, by posting free reports, and creating/posting educational videos on his website. Since 2010, George has concentrated his practice in the areas of DUI/Criminal Defense & Family Immigration.

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