I am glad to announce the completion of my 5th book and it has just been published!  My new book: AFTER THE CRASH is a guide for anyone who has been in a serious car accident.

I wanted to write about a subject that would really help as many people as possible and I have seen so many families that have struggled after a family member had been seriously injured in an accident.  So that’s how my newest book was “born”. In it I explain the strategies that will help you find relief and get back in control of your future.

I am proud of this book and am happy to provide people with a resource that will answer their questions, provide an easy to follow guide, and provide peace of mind about a complicated process.  Just like my first four books, I am donating all of the proceeds from this book to charity. If you would like a free copy of AFTER THE CRASH, please call us at 833-827-4122 or go online at www.mccranielawfirm.com.

-George McCranie