George McCranie Law Firm is proud to announce that we have been added to Handel on the Law. It is an honor to be included on this respected list, and we are excited to reach even more people with questions about criminal defense matters in Georgia.

What Is Handel on the Law?

Bill Handel’s entertaining and informative syndicated radio show “Handel on the Law” has been on the air since 1985 and reaches millions of listeners across the country. In addition to being a popular radio personality, Handel is also a respected lawyer. He frequently speaks at universities, medical conferences, and other events, and is also an adjunct professor at Whittier College of Law.

When listeners call into the radio show, many of them have complex legal questions that can’t be answered quickly or easily. Handel decided to build a service that connects his fans and others seeking legal assistance with high-quality, respected lawyers in their own communities. That’s how Handel on the Law’s Premier Attorney Listing Service was born. Each law firm on Handel’s listing service is carefully screened and vetted, with the goal of connecting people with an attorney they can trust and who best suits their needs.

George McCranie Law Firm Joins the Handel on the Law Listing Service

George McCranie IV has built a nationwide reputation for his approach to criminal defense matters. His Georgia law firm handles a wide variety of issues for clients, including:

  • DUI and drugged driving
  • Drug and marijuana charges
  • Probation violations
  • Property crime cases, such as fraud, theft, and burglary
  • Suspended drivers’ licenses and CDLs

He combines a compassionate client experience with honest advice and aggressive legal advocacy, and is the author of three bestselling legal books. Due to his success and reputation, he’s become an award-winning commentator who has been featured in nationally-recognized newspapers and television shows.

George McCranie Law Firm now adds “Handel Approved” to its list of accolades. Read our Handel on the Law profile here.

Providing Comprehensive DUI and Criminal Defense in Georgia

If you are facing criminal charges in Georgia, you need immediate legal assistance. Without the help of a knowledgeable attorney, you could end up making costly mistakes that impact your future. George McCranie Law Firm has experience representing clients in a wide variety of criminal matters, and will give your case the attention it deserves. We have conveniently located offices in Douglas and Valdosta, GA to serve you. To request your free and confidential consultation, contact us today.