George & Family Visit the Mi Casa Hogar Orphanage in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

In addition to numerous local charities that George and his family support, they also have a desire to help under privileged children in other countries. George has helped support an orphanage in Acapulco, Mexico by being the producer of a documentary film about the orphanage that raised over $150,000 and built a three-story boys’ dormitory. This summer George and his family traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and visited the local Mi Casa Hogar orphanage there. Like the orphanage in Acapulco, [...]

Probation Question

Question: Ok I've been on probation for a while, I have 2 years left. I'm unsupervised and I call in every month, but I haven't sent money in a while because I haven't had any money. I haven't been in trouble, but today my parole officer called and said you haven't made a payment I want you in my office Tuesday morning at 9:00. Is my probation going to be revoked? Answer: The answer to your question is - it's [...]

Can I get charged with a felony if me and my friend were both caught stealing?

Question: Can I get charged with a felony if me and my friend were both caught stealing? So, my friend and I went to Walmart and we were both putting stuff in the cart. I was scanning the items in the cart, when she walked out with some stuff we haven’t paid for. I was still in the store when they rang the items up and it came to a total of $744, but half of the stuff was hers [...]

What Can I Do About My Sentence?

Question: What can I do about my sentence? I got a speeding ticket. I did 63 in a 45, and the officer who pulled me over was kind enough to call it 59 in a 45 on the ticket. My sentence is: $146 fine, 6months probation which is $44 a month, 20hrs community service, a STOP class, and a 500 word essay on the dangers of speeding. 2nd speeding ticket, I am 19. Is there anything i can do? I [...]


URGENT BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT! I am glad to announce the completion of my 4th book and it has just been published!   My new book: THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR GEORGIA CRIMINAL CASE – SECRETS – “THEY” DON”T WANT YOU TO KNOW  is a guide for regular people with criminal charges that helps them navigate their way through the Georgia criminal court system.   I want to confess that I have had writers block for the last couple of years.   I wrote [...]

Newsletter – November 2016

LA FIESTA DEL PUEBLO In the United States, from mid–September to mid–October, we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. During Hispanic Heritage Month, the country recognizes the contributions of the Hispanic and Latino community. In Tifton, Georgia, on September 24, the 20th Annual La Fiesta del Pueblo event was ... CONTINUE READING Cambiará el Grafeno al Mundo? Si usted es como yo, su teléfono seguramente siempre esta con BATERIA BAJA. Eso significa un largo tiempo en el cargador, justo cuando en realidad [...]