In addition to numerous local charities that George and his family support, they also have a desire to help under privileged children in other countries. George has helped support an orphanage in Acapulco, Mexico by being the producer of a documentary film about the orphanage that raised over $150,000 and built a three-story boys’ dormitory.
This summer George and his family traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and visited the local Mi Casa Hogar orphanage there. Like the orphanage in Acapulco, the Mi Casa Hogar in Puerto Vallarta is a home for at risk, abandoned, and disabled children. The children home is run by Catholic nuns and they provide a stable & caring home for the children. George, Danielle, and Madge toured the home and interacted with the children and volunteers that assist the children. Madge was impressed with what an attentive and caring environment was provided for the children and how happy and friendly they were.
When asked what they could do to help the children, George and Danielle were handed a grocery list. The staff explained that the children didn’t need clothes or toys. They were in need of good, quality food items! George and his family were happy to help provide the children with fresh food for the Mi Casa Hogar kitchen preparation. George, Danielle, and Madge are looking forward to the next time they can visit Mi Casa Hogar in Puerto Vallarta and provide more assistance to the children there. If you would like to donate to this wonderful children’s home in Puerto Vallarta, just give us a call at 912-383-7581 and we can provide the contact information for Mi Casa Hogar in Puerto Vallarta.