What can I do about my sentence?
I got a speeding ticket. I did 63 in a 45, and the officer who pulled me over was kind enough to call it 59 in a 45 on the ticket. My sentence is: $146 fine, 6months probation which is $44 a month, 20hrs community service, a STOP class, and a 500 word essay on the dangers of speeding. 2nd speeding ticket, I am 19. Is there anything i can do? I am ok with punishments of more than a fine since it is my second but all of this for 1 ticket does not seem justified (correct me if I’m wrong).
I don’t believe there is much you can do about the sentence in your case unless you file an official motion and petition the court. That may be more than you want to put into a speeding ticket case – without any guaranty of the judge modifying the sentence. I understand that you believe the sentence you received is a tad harsh, but in my experience if you got this ticket in South Georgia you could expect much worse! I have seen this same type of sentence many times when underage drivers are repeat speeding offenders. You should be glad that the Officer reduced the speed otherwise this could have been even worse. And you probably got off lightly on the 500-word essay. I know of a judge in South Georgia that regularly orders 2000 (+) word essays in this type of case. My advice is for you to do everything required under this order and – SLOW DOWN! You don’t want to endanger yourself or anyone else on the road!

George McCranie
Offices in Valdosta & Douglas, GA