I am glad to announce the completion of my 4th book and it has just been published!  

My new book: THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR GEORGIA CRIMINAL CASE – SECRETS – “THEY” DON”T WANT YOU TO KNOW  is a guide for regular people with criminal charges that helps them navigate their way through the Georgia criminal court system.


I want to confess that I have had writers block for the last couple of years.   I wrote 90% of a book about marijuana, prescription & illegal drug based DUI over 2 years ago.  Many of my friends know that I wrote that book while sitting with my father when he was hospitalized before he passed away in 2014.  That ordeal was the worst experience of my life & I just haven’t had it in me to finish that book.


My wife Danielle and I talked about why I hadn’t finished it & we decided I should move on to a new topic. I wanted to write about a subject that would really help as many people as possible.  So that’s how my newest book was “born”.  In it I explain how the criminal court system works in Georgia in an easy to read, example filled guide that will help regular people understand the complicated criminal court process & what to expect when they are facing a criminal charge.



I am proud of my newest book and am happy to provide people with a resource that will answer their questions, provide an easy to follow guide & provide peace of mind about a complicated and daunting process. Just like my first three #1 best-selling books, I am donating all of the proceeds from this book to charity. Now that this book is complete – I think I will go back, wipe the dust off & finish the DUI book!