Marijuana Laws In Georgia

marijuana laws in georgia

  1. Marijuana Possession and DUI
  2. What You Can Do

Cases we accept:

Marijuana charges in Georgia.

  1. Possession of Marijuana: Misdemeanor & Felony
  2. Possession of Marijuana with intent to distribute.
  3. Sale of Marijuana
  4. Manufacture of Marijuana:
    • a. Growing Marijuana in GA is highly illegal & can equal up to. Mr. McCranie has handled the largest marijuana growth cases in the state on multiple charges.
  5. Trafficking Marijuana in Georgia:
    • a. The quantity of Marijuana is the difference between the charges of possession, distribution or sale.
    • b. If you are in possession of 10 pounds of marijuana or more, you can be charged with Trafficking Marijuana. 10 to 2,000 pounds is a mandatory 5 years in prison.

Marijuana laws in Georgia state that a drug possession charge involving less than an ounce of marijuana is a misdemeanor. Penalties may include:

  • *A Criminal Record – for the rest of your life
  • *Up to 12 Months in Jail
  • *Fines (up to $1,000 in court costs)
  • *Probation (up to 12 months) & fees
  • *Loss of Scholarships
  • *Possible Suspension from any University of Georgia System School
  • *Drug counseling and/or Treatment

If you, or someone you care about, has been charged with a misdemeanor marijuana possession, it is vital that you hire an attorney who is experienced in defending marijuana charges in Georgia.

At the George McCranie Law Firm, our ultimate objective is always to have your case dismissed, and your arrest restricted on your criminal record. We closely examine the validity of the circumstances of your stop, search, pat down, and file motions to suppress this evidence when appropriate. Paying close attention to the specific facts of your case can result in winning your case without going to trial.

Marijuana Laws in Georgia and DUI Charges

If you are pulled over for DUI and marijuana is found in your car and you admit to smoking marijuana you could find yourself facing both a DUI of Drugs and Marijuana Possession charges. In this situation it is vital that you hire an experienced & knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to protect you – ASAP!

What You Can Do

If charged with Marijuana Possession or DUI of Drugs, you need to act quickly to hire an attorney. If you don’t you are facing serious penalties including jail along with a suspension of your license.

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