Drug Charges | Drug Laws Georgia

GA Drug Laws | Drug Charges | Drug Laws Georgia

Faced with drug charges? You need an attorney who is well-versed in GA drug laws, prepared to protect your innocence, and aggressively fights your charges.

Make no mistake – drug charges are serious, and they may have far-reaching effects on your life and the future of your family. Going to court without legal representation is never the best option whether the charges are possession of a controlled substance, manufacturing, trafficking, or DUI of drugs.

You need to be aware that a lot of drug arrest can result in serious and life changing criminal charges. It is important that you seek experienced and knowledgeable legal advice quickly. Enlisting a defense attorney will help dismiss your charges early in the process.

As a former prosecutor, I know how to pursue different drug charges as well as uncover crucial evidence in my clients’ favor.

DUI Under GA Drug Laws

If charged with DUI of Drugs, you may face license suspension and serious mandatory criminal penalties.

You are subject to drugged driving ‘per se’ laws in Georgia. The ‘per se’ laws make it illegal to operate a motor vehicle with any detectable amount of drugs in your system. If charged with a ‘per se’ violation, the prosecutor only has to prove that you had a detectable amount of drugs in your system.

If charged with a DUI- ‘less safe’, the prosecutor must prove that your drug use rendered you incapable of operating a vehicle safely.

You should be aware that GA drug laws do not distinguish between legally obtained prescription medications and illegal drugs.

What To Do If Facing Drug Charges

Don’t assume that ‘per se’ violations always lead to guilty convictions based on drug test results. As your defense attorney, I will vigorously question the admissibility and accuracy of the evidence.

If charged with a drug DUI, you should seek experienced and knowledgeable legal advice immediately in order to avoid conviction.

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