Defending You Against Drug Charges

GA drug laws, drug charges GeorgiaFaced with drug or narcotics charges? You need a drug lawyer who is well-versed in GA drug laws, prepared to protect your innocence, and aggressively fights your charges.

Make no mistake – drug charges are serious, and they may have far-reaching effects on your life and the future of your family. Going to court without legal representation is never the best option whether the charges are possession of a controlled substance, manufacturing, trafficking, or DUI of drugs.

You need to be aware that a lot of drug arrests can result in serious and life-changing criminal charges. It is important that you seek experienced and knowledgeable legal advice quickly. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney can help resolve your charges quickly.

As a former prosecutor, I know how to attack different drug charges as well as uncover crucial evidence in my clients’ favor.

Criminal Drug Charges Range From Misdemeanors to Serious Felonies

While certain drugs are becoming more socially acceptable, especially marijuana, Georgia’s complicated drug laws don’t always reflect these new realities. Like all U.S. states, Georgia aggressively prosecutes most drug charges – especially if there is evidence of manufacturing, distribution, or trafficking.

In Georgia, you might face criminal charges involving:

  • Possession of:
    • illegal drugs and controlled substances (simple possession of illegal drugs)
    • drug paraphernalia (items associated with drug use, such as syringes and pipes)
    • drugs with the intent to distribute (possession of any amount of drugs that suggests you were selling them)
  • The sale of drugs or controlled substances
  • Manufacturing and cultivation of drugs
  • Transportation or distribution of illegal drugs
  • Drug trafficking (bringing drugs across state lines or over national borders)
  • Crimes committed while under the influence of drugs or controlled substances, such as driving while impaired

Some of these crimes carry mandatory minimum sentences and a conviction can change your life forever.

Additionally, you might face federal drug charges under certain circumstances. Federal charges involve different prosecutors, courts, procedures, and penalties. If you’re facing federal drug charges, contact an experienced drug lawyer immediately for a confidential evaluation.

Is Marijuana Legal in Georgia?

GA drug laws, drug charges GeorgiaWhile marijuana laws quickly change, Georgia’s current marijuana laws are relatively strict. While the state does grant medical marijuana licenses, only patients with very specific diagnoses qualify – and they can only use and possess cannabis oils with low levels of THC. (Cultivating marijuana for medical use is illegal.)

While both medical and recreational use of marijuana is increasingly popular, Georgia’s laws still considered possession and cultivation to be serious crimes. If you’re arrested with more than an ounce of marijuana on your person or in your vehicle, you might face felony charges. If you have over ten pounds of marijuana, Georgia will prosecute you for drug trafficking.

Are you or a loved one facing marijuana charges? Contact a drug lawyer immediately. A lawyer can help you construct defenses, negotiate with the prosecutor, and find a solution to your serious problem that might avoid jail time or a criminal record.

Prescription Drugs and Georgia Law

Our country is in the midst of an opiate epidemic. While you can legally obtain opiate and other medications with a doctor’s prescription, it is still illegal to abuse or resell Schedule II or III prescription drugs.

Law enforcement agencies are aggressively targeting people who possess pharmaceutical drugs without a prescription – especially if there’s evidence that they were selling or distributing them to others. If you are facing prescription drug charges, contact us immediately for a confidential evaluation of your case.

DUI Under GA Drug Laws

Driving under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs is just as illegal as drunk driving.

  • If charged with DUI of drugs, you may face license suspension and serious mandatory criminal penalties.
  • If charged with a DUI – “less safe”, the prosecutor must prove that your drug use rendered you incapable of operating a vehicle safely.
  • You should be aware that GA DUI/drug laws do not distinguish between legally obtained prescription medications and illegal drugs.

If charged with a drug DUI, you should seek experienced and knowledgeable legal advice immediately in order to avoid conviction. Unlike a drunk driving charge, there isn’t a “legal limit” for drugged driving. There also isn’t a simple way for the authorities to determine your THC or other drug levels at the time of your arrest. A skilled drug lawyer might identify defenses that help you retain your driver’s license and freedom.

Drug Charge Convictions Can Have a Lifelong Impact

Even non-violent, seemingly minor drug charges can impact your future. A conviction can involve incarceration, financial penalties, community service, counseling services, and demanding probation requirements. One single mistake can extend your sentence.

However, even once you complete your sentence, a conviction might stay with you. Employers, landlords, and schools might review your criminal history. While Georgia has “banned the box” for many employers, this law only applies to state agencies. In other words, private employers can still look at your criminal record and ask you about felony convictions.

And a drug charge conviction can lead to difficulties obtaining certain kinds of employment that involve criminal justice, education, healthcare, and law. Typically, these professions require strict background checks and licenses. A serious drug conviction might put your application in danger.

A Drug Lawyer Can Help You Build Your Drug Charge Defenses and Legal Strategy

GA drug laws, drug charges GeorgiaDon’t assume that drug charges always lead to guilty convictions based on drug test results. As your defense attorneys, we will vigorously question the admissibility and accuracy of the evidence. You are innocent until proven guilty – and we treat all of our clients with the respect and dignity they deserve. We’ll also carefully examine your case, looking for factual and procedural defenses. These defenses might include violations of your search and seizure rights and other constitutional violations.

Importantly, we don’t just prepare our cases, at the George McCranie Law Firm, we also educate our clients. For most people, criminal prosecution is an incredibly confusing and upsetting process. We work closely with our clients, educating them about their legal rights and options. Once you’re empowered with this information, you’ll be able to make better decisions about your case.

Consult With an Experienced Drug Lawyer in South Georgia

If you or a loved one is facing drug charges, it’s in your best interest to immediately consult with a drug lawyer. The George McCranie Law Firm represents the interests of our clients all over South Georgia. With offices in Valdosta & Douglas, Georgia, we provide the highest level of professional legal counsel to clients in South Georgia.