probation officerI transferred from another county where the probation officer does not do home visits. You have to make an appointment once a month to see them at their office. My new probation officer keeps telling me that the case has not transferred yet and that the other county has to contact her. I contacted the other county, and they said the case is transferred and shows her as the new probation officer. The new officer did not want to take my case and has had an attitude about it. I called her and wanted to schedule a time to meet with her at her office to discuss me getting a job. She keeps saying that she can’t meet with me, yet due to the transfer issues. I know I have to report every month. Can I just call the office and schedule a time to meet with someone who can see me? Maybe talk to her supervisor? I do not want to violate the terms of my probation.


You are in a difficult situation with neither probation office/officer accepting you as “their” probationer. I would recommend that you document your contact with each probation office/officer with a letter. Additionally, I would schedule a meeting with the supervisor/manager of the new probation office. Explain that there is apparently a bureaucratic problem with your paperwork. Then explain that you want to make sure that you don’t violate the terms and conditions of your probation by not reporting. It is important that you send letters documenting your contact with state probation and keep copies of the letters to both of probation offices/officers. Documentation of your attempts to report and your bringing the problem to their attention is vital in this type of situation. If you don’t document your contact with state probation and keep the proof — then you can’t prove you didn’t willingly violate your probation by not reporting. I hope this
information is helpful to you. Good Luck!!!