Georgia Probation Violation

probation violation in georgia | ga probation laws

Generally a conviction for misdemeanor or felony charges will involve a term of Georgia probation. If you, or someone you care about violates the conditions of GA probation laws, the consequences can be drastic and life-changing. There can be many reasons for such a violation of probation in GA, but whatever the reason, you should waste no time in contacting an attorney with experience in this area of the law, to ensure the best defense possible.

Because our clients come to us from all over south Georgia, at the McCranie Law Firm we are very aware that procedures for pursuing probation violation in Georgia can vary from county to county.  Georgia Law provides for the required terms and conditions of probation.  Judges can also add additional terms and conditions.

Regular examples are:

  • * Have No Contact with Certain People or Places
  • * Require Drug Counseling, Testing and or Treatment
  • * Perform Community Service Hours
  • * Pay Restitution to the Victim

These are just some (not all) of the additional conditions that Judges can add to probation.

I handle every case from start to finish; it is my knowledge of the law as well as these county-to-county differences that will dictate your defense.

Probation Violation in Georgia: How McCranie Law Firm Can Help

If you are charged with violating GA probation laws you are entitled to a timely hearing before a judge.

You need to know that the burden of proof is low in GA state probation hearings, therefore, it is very important to obtain representation from an experienced probation attorney.

Georgia probation violations fall into two main categories:

  • * Technical Violation – Where you are accused of violating the conditions of probation, and
  • * Substantive Violation – Where you are accused of committing a new crime.

We approach your particular probation violation charge in the way that delivers the best possible outcome to you.

It is important that you consult an experienced probation lawyer, because in Georgia it is possible for a judge to modify the terms of your probation to make it easier to complete, or to reinstate it without penalty.

I am George McCranie IV, an experienced probation attorney, who looks after the interests of the citizens of south-east Georgia. Based in Coffee County, City of Douglas, McCranie Law provides the highest level of professional legal counsel to clients in surrounding counties.

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