Question: Can I get charged with a felony if me and my friend were both caught stealing?
So, my friend and I went to Walmart and we were both putting stuff in the cart. I was scanning the items in the cart, when she walked out with some stuff we haven’t paid for. I was still in the store when they rang the items up and it came to a total of $744, but half of the stuff was hers can they still charge me with what she stole?

The short answer is – Yes.

The long answer is – Because you were both participating in the theft of the goods you both can be charged with a Felony based on the total amount of goods they claim were stolen. In this case $744 makes the theft a felony under Georgia law. I would recommend that you hire the best Criminal Defense Attorney (one that has years of experience practicing Georgia Criminal Defense and who regularly practices in the same court as your charges) that is available to you – ASAP!

-George McCranie
The George McCranie Law Firm
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