Are escorts legal in Georgia? If a person hires an escort they go out to movies and dinner then later on have sex, is it legal? This is just a question trying to see if it’s different from prostitution. Someone said Georgia escorts are legal in some areas and they offer companionship, so it’s different.


Paying someone for their company or companionship is LEGAL in Georgia. For example, many sports figures or celebrities have paid companions that accompany them to public events. The companion is there simply to make the star look popular or glamorous.

However, paying a person in return for sex is NOT LEGAL in Georgia. You should be aware that Georgia Escort Services while technically legal in Georgia can be a front for otherwise illegal activity. In my opinion it would be a hard to convince a jury that you paid for companionship and the person enjoyed your company so much that ya’ll had sex & the money you paid was not for sex, but just for their spending time with you. My advice is that if you are concerned that what you are wanting to do could be illegal, listen to your inner voice and don’t take a chance on being charged with a crime!

I hope this information is helpful to you.
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