I got into an accident in Dekalb County and received a traffic citation for failure to obey traffic controls. (failure to yield). I am going to plead not guilty and go to trial.

A: George’s answer: As long as you were not arrested and only issued a traffic citation nothing will show up on your history. If you are successful at trial and are NOT CONVICTED then the ticket should not show up on your history. However, if you are CONVICTED or decide to enter a plea of Guilty, the conviction will show up on your record. I would suggest that you not attempt to represent yourself at the trial. You should AT LEAST consult with an attorney about your case before you go to court on this citation. There may be options available that can prevent a the ticket from affecting your drivers license and car insurance rates – that’s why you should be represented in court rather than attempt to represent yourself. I hope this information has been helpful.
Good Luck!!!
George McCranie www.mccranielawfirm.com