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Helping Under-21 Drivers Fight Drunk Driving Charges

If charged with driving under the influence (DUI), your child could be facing serious consequences. These consequences include a criminal record and ineligibility for certain types of educational financial aid, etc.

I am George McCranie IV, a Coffee County underage DUI attorney serving clients throughout southeast Georgia. Having practiced criminal law — first as a prosecutor and then as a defense lawyer — I have the experience to fight your child’s DUI charges.

Underage DUI Consequences in Georgia

Noncommercial drivers aged 21 and older caught driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or above are guilty of DUI. For drivers under 21, however, the cutoff is .02 — a level that most people will exceed after just one mixed drink or beer.

If your child was pulled over and tested for DUI with a result of .02 or higher, the state will almost certainly try to suspend his or her license and charge him or her with DUI.

The state of Georgia considers a DUI to be a misdemeanor as well as a drug-related offense. This means that conviction will lead to a criminal record and possible denial of federal student grants.

Drivers under 21 who are charged with DUI are often also charged with underage possession of alcohol. I am experienced at defending clients against these charges as well.

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