Thomas County DUI lawyerA DUI conviction in the state of Georgia can have long-term, life-altering consequences. If you are charged with driving under the influence, you need an experienced Thomas County DUI lawyer to help you understand your rights. Thomasville criminal defense attorney George McCranie is well-versed in Georgia DUI law, and can give you a fair shot at winning your case.

What Are the Consequences of a Georgia DUI?

In Georgia, a DUI conviction means facing:

  • a criminal record
  • jail time
  • license suspension
  • probation
  • DUI school
  • community service
  • higher auto insurance rates

George McCranie has helped clients with all aspects of Georgia DUI charges throughout all of south Georgia.

Challenging DUI Blood Tests

Likewise, if you took a blood test and results showed that your BAC was .08 or higher, your Thomas County DUI lawyer can challenge the test results. Sometimes, law enforcement officers do not administer the test according to protocol, which may affect the accuracy of the results. If you have certain medical conditions, this can affect results as well. Hiring a seasoned Thomasville criminal defense attorney who is well aware of these factors can change the game.

Challenging DUI Breath Tests

If you took a breath test and results showed that your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was .08 or higher, your Thomas County DUI lawyer can still help you fight the charges against you.

For a breath test to be accurate, the breathalyzer used to administer the test must be maintained, calibrated, and administered properly. There are other factors involved as well. A breathalyzer can only measure the amount of alcohol on your breath. Thus, if you ate any food prior to taking the test, this could prevent the device from measuring the alcohol level accurately.

Your Thomasville criminal defense attorney can examine the facts of your case and try to challenge or even overturn your DUI charges.

Drug-Related DUI

The state of Georgia treats driving under the influence of drugs similarly to the way it treats driving under the influence of alcohol. However, the prosecution must also be able to prove that you were driving in an unsafe manner, and that this unsafe driving was caused by drug use.

Your experienced Thomasville criminal defense attorney can work with the prosecution to negotiate a reduced sentence and lesser charges — or even get the case dismissed.

Underage DUI

Just one drink can cause a young driver to be charged with DUI. Receiving a breath or blood test of .02 is enough to sustain a conviction.

If you are under 21 and receive a DUI conviction, it will remain on your criminal history for life. This could potentially ruin your future education and employment prospects. Thomas County DUI lawyer George McCranie can help you fight these charges.

Multiple DUI Convictions

If this is not your first DUI, and you were already convicted of a DUI in the last five years, you need a Thomas County DUI lawyer more than ever. Punishment in Georgia for multiple convictions is more severe, and you may be facing:

  • A minimum of 72 hours in jail
  • A minimum of 240 hours of community service
  • A license suspension that will last for three years (as well as a 12-month wait to receive a work permit and 18-month wait for reinstatement)
  • Confiscation of all family license plates

Your Thomasville criminal defense attorney can assist you with an administrative hearing, and determine whether to seek a plea bargain or go to trial.

To Fight Your DUI Charge, Contact a Thomas County DUI Lawyer

If you have been charged with a DUI in Georgia, you need to act quickly. In Georgia, you only have 10 days before your driver’s license gets suspended. Call Thomasville criminal defense attorney George McCranie to help you with your case. Call our office today at 912-384-2889.