Theft | Burglary Charges

If charged with a theft crime in Georgia, you need to understand that the consequences may be greater than the sentence. You should also consider the impact that a theft conviction appearing on a background check could have on your future. Remember, a Criminal Conviction will remain on your Georgia Criminal History for the rest of your life!

Your ideal attorney will determine whether the evidence is sufficient to prove the charge. My experience as a former state prosecutor allows me to understand how the State will pursue your charges.

Such ‘insider’ knowledge allows me to best assert your defenses and bring out mitigating factors that can result in a successful defense of the charge.

Theft Charges

If charged with a theft or property offense, it is essential that you exercise your right to remain silent and demand an attorney.  If you do not, and your case proceeds to trial, anything you say may be used against you in court.

Under the law in Georgia you are innocent until proven guilty. The burden of proof in any case against you lies with the State prosecutors; they must prove their case ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’.

Your Defense

Because I personally handle every case from start to finish, I am aware of the anxiety that the prospect of a conviction for theft. I take the time to understand your specific circumstances, fears and the collateral consequences a conviction.

When our Georgia criminal defense lawyers engage to mount your defense, we perform the due diligence to ensure the case against you fits the definition of the crime. If the evidence doesn’t stack up, I will seek a negotiation to a lesser charge or a full dismissal.

We also check whether any statements made or searches done were in compliance with, or in breach of, your constitutional rights. As your defense attorney, I know that defending you against a theft or burglary charge also means defending your constitutional rights.

It is important to your future that when facing theft or burglary charges you obtain representation from skilled Georgia criminal defense lawyers.

What do I do if charged with Theft or Burglary Charges?

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