Super Speeder GA

Defending Clients Accused Under GA Super Speeder Law

Since Georgia’s super speeder law went into effect in 2010, law enforcement departments have started aggressively enforcing this law. This law doles out harsh fines as well as point penalties.

I am George McCranie IV, a Coffee County super speeder attorney serving clients throughout southeast Georgia. If you received a super speeder ticket, I help to get your charges dismissed in order to avoid fines and higher insurance rates.

Helping Clients Avoid Harsh Fines and Points on Their Driving Records

Under the Georgia super speeder law, if convicted of driving in excess of 85 mph on a major highway or 75 mph on a two-lane road, you will have to pay an extra $200 fine to the state Department of Driver Services.

Significantly breaking the speed limit may also increase the number of points added to your driving record, leading to higher insurance rates and, potentially, license suspension.

In Georgia, speeding is a criminal offense. In order to convict you of any crime, the prosecution needs to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. I have been successful at helping clients beat speeding tickets by holding the prosecutors accountable to this standard.

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