Question:         Should I get an accident lawyer for my not at-fault collision?  The at-fault driver was charged with a DUI. I was recently in a 3 car accident.  My vehicle rolled 2 to 3 times, and rolled over another car in the process.  The person that hit me was arrested for Failure to Yield and DUI.  I went to the hospital as well as the person in the car I rolled over.  My injuries were not life threatening thankfully.  Will this be something my insurance will be able to handle for me successfully or should I get a lawyer?  I am really hoping for an expedient process as I have no vehicle to drive.  I have an outstanding personal loan that I purchased my vehicle with approximately 6 months ago, along with associated expenses and accessories.  Blue book will not pay it off.


Answer:           First – don’t make any statements before you get an attorney to represent you.  After you have an attorney the first advise you receive will be, don’t may any statements!!  Remember, the at-fault driver’s insurance company is trying not to pay you any money! Any statement you give could work against you.  Second – a little known issue with a DUI related accident is the availability of Punitive Damages against the convicted DUI driver.  An experienced attorney is your best chance to receive fair compensation for your loss from the collision.  Finally, don’t be in a huge hurry to settle your case.  Make sure that you are completely certain that you don’t have any lasting medical problems as a result of the collision.  You could be left paying for any medical problems that remain if you settle your case too quickly.  I hope this information is helpful to you.  Good Luck!!