In the United States, from mid–September to mid–October, we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. During Hispanic Heritage Month, the country recognizes the contributions of the Hispanic and Latino community. In Tifton, Georgia, on September 24, the 20th Annual La Fiesta del Pueblo event was … CONTINUE READING

Cambiará el Grafeno al Mundo?

Si usted es como yo, su teléfono seguramente siempre esta con BATERIA BAJA. Eso significa un largo tiempo en el cargador, justo cuando en realidad quería ver las noticias o checar el marcador de … CONTINUE READING

Sit, Speak, Heal

Owning a pet builds character in children. They learn responsibility by taking care of an animal and keeping a schedule. Kids with dogs may also be more physically fit from playing with their energetic friend and taking them on walks. The benefits of having a pet go even further, however, as research finds more … CONTINUE READING

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