My 17 year old got a speeding ticket going exactly 24 miles over. What can I do so that he does not lose his license? He was in my daughter’s car which he is not used to and on 316 for the first time just flowing with the traffic. He did not deny that he was going so fast.


Because he is UNDER 21 if he is CONVICTED on this ticket he would face a Driver’s License Suspension. I would advise him to 1) hire an experienced criminal defense attorney – ASAP. 2) get a copy of his driving history. This can be used to show the prosecutor that he has an otherwise clean history. 3) Get a copy of his grades from school and any achievements/honors that he has received. This information can be used to show that he is a good student and is on track to attend college, etc.

He will have the best chance of getting this ticket reduced if he is represented by an experienced attorney. Good Luck and warn him again to SLOW DOWN!!!

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