Memorial Day Weekend started out pretty much normally for us, Madge headed outside ready for some fun! But Memorial Day Weekend was not what we expected – grilling Hot Dogs & Hamburgers & Celebrating the Sacrifices made by our Veterans. Instead, my family & I spent the Holiday Weekend nursing our youngest horse, Big John, back to health. Many Thanks to Sandra Sears & her daughter Melissa. I can’t tell you what great folks they are to help a greenhorn horse family like us get their horse back up and going. And a huge Thank You to our vet Lauren Thelen for working with Big John over the Holiday Weekend! Danielle and Madge helped with Big John and Madge even had time to polish her saddle & tack for her next horse-show! I will tell you that I am not cut out anymore for being up nearly 48 hours straight! But with the help of Family & Great Friends – Big John is going strong again!