I got a ticket for following too close which resulted in an accident and had to go to court. I went to court on 4/14 and plead no contest and was order to pay 235. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the money to pay and was given financial probation by the judge. Once the fine is paid, the probation is complete. I paid the ticket today and got a 0 balance receipt from the probation office. Do I need to go back to the court house for a certified disposition or is the receipt from probation sufficient?


Because you were involved in an accident it is a good idea to enter a NOLO plea and get a certified Copy of the Disposition of the case. The Clerk of Court can provide you with a certified copy – there is usually a fee for this service. In addition, I would recommend that you get a letter or document from your probation officer showing that you completed all of the terms and conditions of your probation and your probation has been terminated. I hope this information is helpful to you and the accident doesn’t cause any issues for you.

Good Luck!!!
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