What would happen if I were to turn my self in for a warrent over traffic tickets?

“Ok I have a few traffic tickets and I was not able to pay them so I was put on probation. ..I’m still not able to pay them. .I’m trying to find the best way out of this situation I’m trying to get a job I need to get my DL…”


First – I would recommend that you hire an attorney that regularly practices in the court that placed you on probation. Second – You should continue to do everything that you can to comply with all of the terms & conditions of your probation, even if you can’t pay the fines. If you comply with everything you are supposed to be doing including Reporting, you will be in a better position to request a modification of the probation terms. Third – Don’t try to accomplish a modification of the terms of your probation yourself. If you are represented by an experienced attorney your chances of success are much greater. Here is an example of how things could go badly for you if you are not represented by an attorney. Will you be able to answer questions from the Judge or Prosecutor about your financial inability to pay the tickets such as – Do you pay cell phone/cable/gym membership bill? If so, many judges believe that you can stop unnecessary expenses off and pay your fines. I have even seen judges make comments about jewelry, expensive clothes or shoes that a probationer was wearing while claiming to be a pauper. So you see this process isn’t as easy as it appears at first glance.

I hope this information is helpful to you. Good Luck!

George McCranie – Offices in Valdosta & Douglas, GA