What do I do after getting a Super Speeder ticket?An 18-year-old got a speeding ticket on 4/1/17 100 in a 65 in another county. This was his first offense. He spent the night in jail, and there was a bond of $1,200.00. He paid the bond and then released. They said only option at the time was to pay the bond or stay in jail to await for the court date in July. They said that there was no court date, since the fine was paid in full.

However, they said I would get a super speeder ticket in the mail. I haven’t received anything so far. I also checked online and my DMV record is clear with no points, etc. What happens next? What can I do? Will my license be suspended? Will there be additional fines? And will I be able to keep my insurance? How long do I have to wait to find out? Is there a website I can go to for additional information?


If you posted the bond, you will still have a court date. If you paid the fine, your license will be suspended because you are under 21. Either way, you need an experienced attorney to represent you. If you paid the bond, the attorney can work to get the speed reduced so it will not suspend your license and prevent the state from issuing a Super Speeder. If you paid the fine, the attorney will need to file a Motion to Withdraw Guilty plea. However, if you paid the fine you have plead guilty to the charge at the original speed.

That is why the attorney is necessary to withdraw your guilty plea. The motion to withdraw your guilty plea will need to be filed quickly or the time will run out. If you do nothing, your driver’s license will be SUSPENDED and you will receive a Super Speeder from the state with additional fines to pay. Finally, this type of thing often causes vehicle insurance to SKYROCKET! Talk with an attorney ASAP to see what can be done to resolve this serious situation. Good Luck!

-George McCranie