Are Sharks circling you and your family?

Sharks are circling!

Are sharks circling you?

I was recently in Las Vegas for a DUI defense training seminar. We had our 4 year old daughter with us and decided to take her to the aquarium. While we were there we got these pictures made. It made me start thinking about “Sharks in the water” and how it affects my clients. Most people that get a “minor” criminal charge such as a misdemeanor marijuana possession or a DUI – don’t really understand how serious and life altering the “minor” charge can be. For those that don’t defend themselves the embarrassment and pain of the initial DUI conviction will go away after the jail time is served, fine paid, community service completed, DUI School behind them and 12 months of probation are finally over.

Unfortunately, those harsh punishments are just the beginning of the problem headed their way. After the conviction the sharks start circling not only them but their family as well. How many of us could keep our job if we didn’t have a Driver’s license? No way to drive to work, for work, or at work! How many of us have jobs that require us having no DUI or drug convictions? Professional Commercial Drivers and their families are really in trouble if they lose their commercial drivers license!

If you are in the unfortunate circumstances of facing criminal charges. The best way to protect yourself and your family is to hire an experienced and qualified DUI Criminal Attorney to defend you! If law enforcement has made a mistake or cut corners and did not follow their training – only an experienced DUI/Criminal Defense Attorney will help!