#1: Dress appropriately

Dress semi-formal. This shows that you are taking this moment seriously and that it is a very important matter.

#2: Do not bring children if they are not a part of the application

Children can be a distraction for you when you are waiting your turn to be interviewed. These interviews may also be very lengthy ranging anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour.

#3: Take an interpreter if needed

You can bring an interpreter with you if you are not very fluent in English. However, you may not bring an interpreter with you if you have an interview for citizenship.

#4: Stay calm

A lot of the questions asked are based on the application that you have already summit. Stay relaxed and calm.

#5: Bring all the original documents and an additional copy of all these documents

Do not forget to bring all the necessary documents that correspond with your immigration case. It is very important to have a copy of those documents in case one of them gets lost.