Is there any way to clean or expunge these offenses from my record? I am afraid these past offenses won’t let me pursue my dream.

“When I was a young girl fresh out of high school, I became involved in an abusive relationship with a man who introduced me to drugs and prostituted me. I tried to get away several times, but was never able to. I was arrested a total of eight times in Georgia between 2009 and 2011 for a series of criminal offenses including: possession of controlled substance, possession of marijuana (less than 1 oz), possession of cocaine, failure to appear, and violation of probation.

In 2012 he finally got arrested and sent to prison, and I moved to Florida soon after. I got myself clean from drugs, but the only thing I knew to make money was prostitution, and I was arrested twice in Florida for Committing/Engaging in Prostitution. I tried to transition into odd jobs until I finally was able to get a job in a local restaurant.

Now I want to go to school and become a realtor.”


First – I cannot answer your question about the charges you received in Florida. You should ask an attorney that is licensed to practice law in Florida about the Florida charges.

Second – In Georgia if you are Convicted of a Crime the Conviction will remain on your Criminal Record and it cannot be Expunged. If you were Not Convicted of some of the charges it may be possible for you to have the charges Expunged because they occurred before GA changed the law (July 1, 2013) and stopped allowing Expungments.

Third & Finally – Georgia does have an exception to the strict Expungement/Restriction law and you may qualify for it. In Georgia if you have stayed out of trouble and not been arrested for 5 years and you were Under 21 when you were Convicted it may be possible to restrict some of the arrests. Georgia has an exception to the general rule that can allow offenders who are under 21 when arrested and have stayed out of trouble for 5 years to have those arrests Restricted.

I would recommend that you consult with a Georgia criminal defense attorney about this and with a FL criminal defense attorney about the charges in Florida. I hope this information has been helpful to you. Good Luck with school and becoming a Realtor!

George McCranie – Offices in Valdosta & Douglas, GA