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Over the 20 plus years I have practiced Criminal Defense law in Georgia I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked about where a certain case was in the “system”. Usually this question came from a person that had never been involved in a criminal case before and was confused about what was going on and what would happen next. That’s why I wrote – The Truth About Your Georgia Criminal Case. It gives valuable information about how a criminal case starts and how it works its way through the criminal court system.

But it’s not all about the court system. I wanted to give people practical knowledge that they can use to help them get the best result possible in their cases. For example, I explain – how to ensure they aren’t late for a court hearing and how to dress when going to court.The Truth About Your Georgia Criminal Case isn’t written using unnecessary “legal speak” or Latin legal terms. It’s written for everyday people that need to understand what is going to happen next and what to expect when they go into an unfamiliar and unforgiving courtroom. I have asked the publisher, James Publishing, (the largest private legal publisher in the U.S.) to set aside (a limited number) copies of the book. All of the proceeds from this book, like all of my other books, will be donated to charity. If you want a FREE copy of the book go to and fill out the book request form and we’ll send you a copy. Remember, don’t go to court in a criminal case without knowing where you are in the process and what will happen next!
– George

P.S. – I have sent the final draft of the 2nd Edition of The Authority on DUI Defense to the publisher and expect it to be released in March or April!


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