Question: I was pulled over with drugs in my car, can the police come back later and arrest me?

Answer: Short Answer: Yes.

Long Answer: Law enforcement can arrest you later for possessing illegal drugs. How much later depends on the type or amount of drugs you had in your possession. If the charge would be a Misdemeanor – they have up to two (2) years to charge you. Two (2) years is the statute of limitations on a misdemeanor charge. If the charge is a Felony – they have up to 4 years to bring charges. The statute of limitations on a felony is four (4) years. In my experience this happens most often when officers want the possible target of criminal charges to become a Confidential Informant (C.I. aka “Snitch”) and assist them in bringing Drug charges against other people. I would recommend that you contact an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney to discuss your situation before you are approached by law enforcement at a later date. I hope this information is helpful to you. Good Luck!!!