Ok I’ve been on probation for a while, I have 2 years left. I’m unsupervised and I call in every month, but I haven’t sent money in a while because I haven’t had any money. I haven’t been in trouble, but today my parole officer called and said you haven’t made a payment I want you in my office Tuesday morning at 9:00. Is my probation going to be revoked?

The answer to your question is – it’s hard to tell. Each probation officer is different and is free to make decisions based on the specifics of every probationer’s case. If you have been ordered to pay restitution or fines/fees, then you should keep making your payments and if you fail to do so it is a violation of your probationary terms and conditions. In this type of situation, the relationship you have with your probation officer is very important. If the officer knows you and understands that you are doing your absolute best to comply with probation, they can exercise discretion and work with you to get back on track. If you have a poor relationship they can hold you to the specifics of your probation and seek to Violate your probation and have it Revoked. Based on the info in your question I would recommend that you attend the meeting because if you don’t it’s a sure-fire way to Violate your probation. Hopefully you will be able to show your officer that you simply could not make the payments, but you will now make every effort to pay and if you cannot pay the full payment you will at least make a partial payment. I would also highly recommend that you talk with the best Criminal Defense attorney that is available to you – ASAP. Remember, it is possible that you could be arrested at the meeting so do everything you can to protect yourself BEFORE you go. I hope this information is helpful to you!
Good Luck!
George McCranie
Offices in Valdosta & Douglas, GA