If you've been charged with CDL DUI in Georgia...

CDL DUI is Different 
Although any Driving Under the Influence charge is serious, the consequences as a commercial driver can be quite severe. Your commercial driver's license is your livelihood and worst case scenario you could be given a lifetime disqualification from having a CDL. 

CDL DUI Blood Alcohol Content: The limit of Alcohol while operating a commercial vehicle is 0.04%

Refusing DUI Test: If you refuse to take the State's DUI test you are not eligible to have your license reinstated for at least a year, and the driving ban includes non-commercial vehicles.

Second-Offense CDL DUI: If you receive a second DUI conviction, or refuse to be tested a second time, you could face a lifetime CDL ban. This can be the outcome even if the first DUI was in your personal vehicle.

 If you rely on a commercial driver’s license for your livelihood, you need an attorney who is prepared to take every opportunity to fight your charges. I understand that you and your family’s livelihood are at stake.

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