Local Attorney George McCranie announces that the documentary film “Mi Casa Hogar” has received 2 Emmy Nominations!! On Wednesday, October 9, 2013 George received notice that the documentary film received 2 Emmy Nominations. One nomination in the Documentary category and one nomination for Directing!

George McCranie, Georgia DUI Attorney, is a Producer of the documentary which was filmed in Acapulco, Mexico.

Douglas, GA – October 29, 2013 – Local attorney, George McCranie is a Producer of the film from CelebrityFilms® “Mi Casa Hogar”. The documentary “Mi Casa Hogar” premiered in New York City’s famous Times Square in June of 2013. The film was directed by Emmy® Award winning film Director, Nick Nanton.

The film, a documentary about the Casa Hogar children’s home in Acapulco, Mexico, launched production in early January, 2013. The documentary provides an in-depth look at the incredible story of the Casa Hogar children’s home in Acapulco, specifically how the home is providing a nurturing environment with a focus on education in this economically disadvantaged region. Nick Nanton shows in the film the raw and powerful stories that are sure to energize audiences and communities around the world. Casa Hogar is a children’s home that provides care, shelter, strength, love and hope in a Christian environment for orphaned and abandoned children in Acapulco, Mexico.

The work that the orphanage is doing “is changing the lives of these kids. They are bringing in kids from the streets and providing them with not only food, shelter and education, but most importantly the love of a family environment,” said Director Nick Nanton. “We are excited that we were able to film a movie as well as renovate their library and computer center with hundreds of new books and 10 new computers,” Nanton continued.

Acapulco started out as a place where George McCranie took his mom, dad and family on a trip since his parents honeymooned in Acapulco and his wife Danielle’s grandparents had been there also on vacation. I thought of it as a neat trip to take them to a “where it all began”. Then on the way to see the famous cliff divers we saw an overwhelming number of young children begging and selling trinkets in the street. We always knew we wanted to do something for these kids we just didn’t know how! Later, when we were asked about producing this film, Danielle and I didn’t even have to ask each other, we just knew it was what we had to do to help the children. “I believe this film will give voice to the exceptional story of Casa Hogar and the amazing children who call it home.”

George McCranie is proud to be a producer of the film and be part of The Emmy® Award winning team that helped bring this film to full production.

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