Question: Is it worth hiring a lawyer for a first time DUI in Statesboro, Georgia (Field BAC: .179, no accidents/damage caused)?  I was trying to pick up a friend who was lost and distressed at 3 in the morning, after the town’s free DD service stops running.  I’d had a good bit to drink earlier, but had stopped drinking about 60-90 minutes prior to my arrest.  Anyway, at some point while using my turn signal, I accidentally flipped off my headlights, and did not notice right away due to the street being very lamp-lit.  I did flip them back on but a nearby officer was already compelled to pull me over and performed a field sobriety test, leading to my arrest.  I blew a .179 but I honestly question whether that was accurate.

Answer: I’m glad you asked this question.  It certainly is worth it to fight your DUI charge. Before you listen to any of your friends’ advice, go talk to a DUI Defense Attorney about your case.  There are numerous defenses that can be discovered by an experienced DUI defense attorney.  Your choice of an attorney is very important.  I always recommend that when faced with a criminal charge talk to an attorney that is focused on DUI/criminal defense.  Most general practitioners that handle divorces, child custody, car accidents, bankruptcy, business law and a little DUI defense on the side simply don’t have the time necessary to be current in the complex area of DUI defense.  Look at it this way, most DUI defense attorneys don’t even charge for the initial consultation.  A few final words of advice on choosing an attorney – a DUI conviction will haunt you for years to come so don’t just use a low price as your reason to choose an attorney.  I often say, “cheap is seldom good and good is seldom cheap”.  I think this advice works in everyday life and it often works when choosing professional services.  Finally, choose an attorney that YOU feel comfortable with.  If your initial interview is rushed and you are only given very general information about possible defenses, you are probably going to continue to be treated this way after you hire this attorney.  Look for an attorney that is willing to spend time with YOU explaining YOUR situation and giving you specific information about possible DUI defenses in YOUR case.  I hope this information has been helpful.  Good Luck!!