Question:Is a private attorney better than a state appointed attorney for criminal defense? The public defender assigned to my case doesn’t seem interested in returning my phone calls or negotiating my case with the prosecutor. I’ve never been in trouble in my life or even had a traffic citation.

I was told that I am not eligible for pre-trial diversion, and that I would be on probation for 6 years, have a fine and need to attend anger management- all from a charge of assault that I obtained after defending myself from an individual in a bar that thought he should touch me inappropriately. In general, does one get a better outcome with a private attorney?

Answer:I don’t believe that you should look at this as a difference between Public Defenders and Private Attorneys. There are both good and bad attorneys in each categories. This advice is good for either type of attorney. A person has to question is – are you comfortable with the attorney that is representing you?

Does the attorney – return your call, answer your questions, keep you informed of all court dates and appearance, have time to meet with you before court, interview your witnesses, investigate your case, get the video evidence before hearings, have time to review the video evidence, allow you to see the video, send you the discover received from the State, take time to review it with you, is experienced in the type of case that you have, has received specific training etc., this list can go on and on!

It is YOUR case, it is YOUR freedom, reputation in life that is on the line in a Criminal Case – you should be comfortable with your attorney that represents you!!! If you’re not satisfied, get an attorney that meets your needs!!!

I hope this advice helps you.