I was arrested because they said I had meth, cocaine, and marijuana in my system. I knew that was not true. My cousin had the sheriff department to take me to a doctor office and paid for another drug test. The next day the test results came in. All were negative. The probation office said they were working on changing there system.


The short answer is – NO. Based on the information in your question it appears that there was a false positive result in the probation drug test. It is not unusual or unheard of for a probation drug test to be incorrect. You should THANK your cousin for getting you the second drug test. Your cousin most likely saved you from going to jail! If the probation department is changing their system and trying to eliminate false drug test results, that is a good thing. Your question doesn’t have any facts supporting a criminal charge against anyone at the probation office and the chances of a prosecution for an illegal act is very small. I know this isn’t the answer you were looking for, but I believe it is accurate based on the information in your question.

Remember to THANK your Cousin!!!!!
George McCranie – Offices in Valdosta & Douglas, GA