I got a DUI and was scheduled to have a hearing at the office of administrative hearing for the driver’s license. I missed that and my license was suspended. I finished with my DUI case and have disposition from the court. How to I submit that to the Administrative Hearings Office to remove my suspension? Thanks.


It depends on what type of DUI you were charged with. If it was a “test” case and your license was suspended at the ALS hearing you can have it reinstated after 30 days. If the DUI was reduced or you were found not guilty, you will need certified copy of the disposition and your license will be reinstated. You will have to complete the DUI School and pay the reinstatement fee to the state. If it was a “refusal” case then the suspension is for 12 months. That suspension is a “hard suspension” which means that it cannot be lifted unless the DUI charge is reduced to a different charge or you are found not guilty of the DUI. Otherwise you license will be suspended for 12 months without any means of getting it reinstated or getting any type of driving permit. I would suggest that you consult with an experienced DUI defense attorney ASAP to discuss the specifics of you case.

Good Luck!
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