I am currently on probation for a felony charge. When I was released I was only 17 they gave me first offenders and I was put on probation for 10 years with fines, community service, and classes that I had to take. After a week of being out I made a dumb decision and was rearrested for underage drinking it was to my knowledge that if i completed everything under my misdemeanor probation in a certain time they would drop the charge apparently that did not happen like I was told. I completed everything for my felony probation as well except for the fines which I only had to pay 32 dollars every month and call in. Just to make it short life has gotten in the way and I have not been paying it and I believe I have a warrant what should I do? Being broke kind of makes it hard to hire an attorney


Based on your situation you may need to file an application for a Public Defender. Unfortunately, you may not qualify for a Public Defender until you are served (Arrested) for the violation. Whatever you do, try your best to make sure you have hired an experienced criminal defense attorney or gotten a Public Defender before your case is heard. Otherwise, if you represent yourself, you face the very real possibility of an unsatisfactory ruling in you case. First Offender is a very technical area of the law and you need to be represented by an experienced attorney. I hope this information is helpful to you.

Good Luck!
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