Question: Got bonded out for 5 months couldn’t keep up with my payments so I went back to jail for a year we’ll until my trial date…. Trial came and I was found NOT GUILTY in both of my felonies.. Can I get my 4,000 dollars back? Or is it a no go?

Answer: Congratulations on your Acquittal!!! If you used a Bonding Company it is probably a “No Go” to get your money back that you paid the company. If you posted a $4,000 Cash Bond to the Court, you should be able to get that money back from the Court. But based on your question and the information about no being able to “keep up” with your payments, it sounds like you used a Bonding Company. If this is correct you are probably not able to get anything you paid them back. But the up side is that you WON at Trial!!!
– George McCranie
Offices in Valdosta & Douglas, GA