Have you recently been charged with a DUI in the state of Georgia? Do you fear that your DUI will hurt your current job or a new position that you may be offered in the future? If so, then you need to hire an experienced DUI attorney at The George McCranie Law Firm to defend you in court.

Our  DUI attorney’s will use their knowledge of the Georgia DUI laws and the officer’s training to give you the best defenses in your case. Our attorneys have an extensive working knowledge of the Georgia DUI laws and they have the same training as law enforcement in DUI recognition, Standardized Field Sobriety Tests(SFST’s), and the operation of the Intoxilyzer 9000.  Mr. McCranie has also trained as an Instructor in the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests.  Let our attorneys use their training and experience to provide you with a top notch defense in your case.

See below for an in-depth guide on DUI attorneys and why they are such a monumental help when you’re backed into a corner.

What Is a DUI?

Almost everyone knows that DUI stands for Driving Under the Influence. However, the meaning behind it can vary from place to place. Many states define DUIs and DWIs differently than others.

Up until only a few years ago, for example, the state of Georgia listed DUIs as purely a misdemeanor. However, they’ve now changed it to where, if you get 4 DUIs in less than 10 years, it can be upgraded to a felony charge.

The state of Georgia specifically defines a DUI as impaired driving from chemicals namely alcohol or drugs (illegal or prescription).  If an officer pulls you over and suspects you are driving under the influence, they can charge you with a DUI with or without a chemical analysis of your breath, blood or urine.

If you fail the Standardized Field Sobriety Test(s) and the officer thinks you’re impaired, they can charge you with a DUI. You should also remember that passing or failing the SFST’s is solely up to the officer.  They are subjective tests that only the officer knows what constitutes passing or failing. They can also put you through chemical analysis tests of your breath, urine, or blood for proof that you were driving under the influence.

Our experienced Georgia DUI attorneys know this entire process like the back of their hand because they have the same training that law enforcement does!  They can help you understand what you experienced and whether or not the officer made any mistakes during the initial stop, DUI investigation and arrest.

How A DUI Attorney Can Help

If you were recently charged with a DUI, then you might feel as if your entire world has been turned upside-down. No matter what the circumstances are, all hope is not lost! Here’s how a DUI law firm and DUI attorney can help.

Coverage for All Cases

When someone thinks of a DUI case, their head often goes to visualizing themselves standing in court for their hearing. However, there are actually two different cases that you’ll need to fight. 

The first is the criminal case against your DUI charge, the second is the Administrative License Suspension (ALS) between you and the Georgia Department of Driver Services. 

After you’re charged and arrested for a DUI, you have 30 days to request a hearing or resolve the administrative case, or else your driver’s license will be automatically suspended

At The George McCranie Law Firm our DUI attorneys will help you with both the criminal case and the ALS hearing. In the criminal case, our attorneys will review every page of evidence the government provides and find any investigative, factual or legal issues that can be used in your defense.  They will review any body cam and in car audio/video and find any problems with the state’s case that can be used in your defense. All of the hard work the attorneys put in before the case gets to court can help them prove you are not guilty, get the charges reduced and the sentence lightened from the regularly harsh DUI penalties.

In the administrative case, our attorneys use this hearing to gather evidence to help get your charges reduced in the criminal case and help prevent your driver’s license from being suspended. That way, you can continue driving and not risk losing your job. 

Thorough Analysis of Your Arrest

When it comes to an arrest, most people don’t think twice about the process involved. They don’t realize that police officers have very specific requirements that they have to follow.  Our attorneys are trained by the same instructors that train law enforcement in Georgia. They take the same tests and have an in-depth knowledge of the procedures that officers are taught by the government in Georgia.

Don’t ever resist arrest. If the officer charges you with a DUI and arrests you, refrain from saying or doing anything that could give them more information to use against you in court.

With a George McCranie Law Firm attorney by your side, you’ll have an experienced DUI attorney who has thoroughly analyzed the government’s case and who is ready to defend you at every court hearing. When you initially hire The George McCranie Law Firm and tell us what happened, notes will be made of any glaring issues involved in your stop, DUI investigation and arrest.

Our experienced DUI attorneys will be able to point out external factors (factors that were out of your control) that led to your arrest. This could be things such as the officer exaggerating evidence, the blood or urine test being contaminated, mistakes the officer made in the SFST’s and Blood or Breath testing.

Prior Relationship With the Opposition

If you choose to go through this DUI process alone, you’re certain to face the most severe penalties. Oftentimes, a prosecutor won’t consider offering a plea bargain if the defendant isn’t represented by an experienced attorney.

When you hire The George McCranie Law Firm, you’re getting our experienced attorneys insight into the government prosecutors as well. Our experienced attorneys have formed relationships with the prosecutor and judges involved in your case after years of practice and after handling numerous cases in their courts.

After proving in court time and time again their superior knowledge of the law, professionalism and exemplary trial skills our attorneys increase our clients chances of receiving great results in their cases.

Lessened Penalties

This has been touched on briefly already, but it bears repeating: our DUI attorneys can help lessen the penalties of your DUI charge. Without an experienced DUI attorney, a DUI charge can result in driver’s license suspension, supervised probation, community service time, costly fines, mandatory jail time, DUI school, and so much more.

Hiring The George McCranie Law Firm is your best chance to minimize those penalties and get yourself back on your feet. Our attorneys have the knowledge, resources, and relationships to eliminate the charges or lessen the hit that you take, which may help you keep your current job as well.

Invest in The George McCranie Law Firm and Let Our Experienced DUI Attorneys Help You Today

Now that you have this in-depth guide listing all of the ways that an experienced DUI attorney can help you, be sure to find the right attorney and DUI law firm for your needs.  Contact THe George McCranie Law Firm today and let us start helping you today!