I have a felony Habitual DUI. Is their any way to hide my record for employment?


If you were CONVICTED of the Felony charge – there is no way in Georgia to get the CONVICTION sealed or expunged (now called Restricted) from your criminal history. Georgia has some of the strictest laws concerning Criminal Histories in the United States. If you are convicted of a crime in Georgia the conviction will remain on your record for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! Rather than try to hide the conviction, you may want to try being up front with your potential employers and telling them about the conviction. Then tell them how your life has changed since you were convicted and all of the steps you have taken to get your life back in order. Many times you might be surprised at how a potential employer can react to a potential employee that is honest & upfront about their past. It’s possible that the employer has battled some of the same issues that you have faced and your stepping up to the plate and being honest about how you have worked out your issues could be a positive factor in getting the job.

Good Luck! George McCranie