federal crimes

    1. What You Need To Know
    2. Your Defense Against Federal Crimes
    3. As Your Defense Attorney

If arrested for a federal crime, you should know that local or state authorities do not direct your defense.  Instead, it is to the federal government which has almost unlimited resources dedicated to pursuing your prosecution.

In order to ensure protection of your rights and a solid defense, you should engage the services of an experienced criminal lawyers immediately!

What You Need To Know

You always have the right to remain silent.  However you may not be aware of that right until the arrest.  Federal agents will likely speak to you prior to any arrest in an effort to collect potentially incriminating statements.  It is both, legal and common practice, to do this. In fact, this tactic is a legal and common practice of law enforcement.

I understand that you may find yourself under pressure to answer such questions.  However, I strongly recommend that you consult criminal lawyers and avoid speaking to federal law enforcement officers without legal representation.

Not all lawyers are licensed in the federal courts, so it is imperative you engage one, like me, who is.  If your attorney is only licensed in state courts, it can lead to a change in tactics and unfortunate complications in your defense.

Your Defense Against Federal Crimes

The defense of federal crimes is an intricate process, you should not underestimate the seriousness of the consequences.

As indicated above, it is critical your defense begins the moment a federal law enforcement officer approaches you.

Should you choose not to speak to officers or agents until you obtain representation from our criminal lawyers.  As your attorney I am in a position to protect your constitutional rights.

As Your Defense Attorney

The Georgia criminal attorneys at McCranie Law Firm work aggressively to protect your constitutional rights. We ensure that the strategies we apply to your trial are the most appropriate to your particular case.

We work as master tacticians to plan and manage your federal criminal defense.

I am George McCranie IV, a federal criminal defense attorney, who looks after the interests of the legal needs of the people of south Georgia.  The McCranie Law Firm provides the highest level of professional legal counsel to clients in surrounding counties.

My team and I welcome your call at 912-384-2889 or email, to schedule a free initial consultation in Douglas to discuss how I can help you protect your rights, if you suspect you are under investigation, or to help you fight your federal crime if charged.