I plead guilty to a failure to maintain lane charge. I paid the fine and was not charge with DUI. Why does a DUI appear in my criminal history?

George’s Answer

These are the 2 most likely circumstances that would cause this issue:
1) If you were never charged with DUI and you entered a guilty plea to a Failure to Maintain Lane there should not be a DUI charge on your Criminal History. If this is the case you should contact the Clerk of Court that handled the Failure to Maintain Lane charge and have them correct the information. If the Clerk can’t correct the information, I would recommend that you contact a Criminal Defense Attorney in that area to resolve this issue.
2) If you were originally charged with a DUI and it was reduced to or you plead guilty to an associated Failure to Maintain Lane then the original DUI charge would still appear on your GA Criminal History. Because there was a negotiated plea and you did enter a guilty plea to an associated charge you would not be eligible for Record Restriction in GA. I hope this information is helpful to you. Good Luck!
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