TRAVEL – I… love to do it.

I think it is a genetic thing. My parents have traveled extensively and have enjoyed every trip they have taken. My sister and I went everywhere with them when we were young. So, since I was a kid I have traveled with my parents and since I was a teenager I have been fortunate enough to travel with my mother overseas. One of the most exciting and exotic trips we have taken was our 2008 trip to India. My sister, mother and I went on an adventure to see all the wonders of India including the Tah Mahal! – That’s 24 grueling hours on a plane from Atlanta to New Dehli – or a guaranteed way to get a sore neck, behind and back! India is a very fascinating country – it is the only country I’ve been to where I’ve seen camels pulling carts, had a monkey steal and drink my coke and while stopped at a traffic signal had an elephant come up beside our bus and run his trunk inside the window looking for a snack – can honestly say I have never experienced that in the United States.

So – what does traveling have to do with medication – well I’ll tell you. My mother has traveled all over the world and she takes her vitamins and medicines with her. She has always told us it is important to keep your vitamins and medications in their original containers. Prescription medications need to be kept in the original prescription bottles. Over the counter medications need to be kept in the original packaging that it was sold in. I know that a lot of folks use the weekly or even monthly pill organizers. Using a pill organizer when traveling is not a good idea and I’ll tell you why. During our trip in 2008 the Mumbai terror attacks occurred. This cowardly attack was a terrible tragedy for all of the people in India. Fortunately, we were not in Mumbai during the attacks and were not directly affected. But, as a result of the terror attacks there was a dramatic increase in security.

Now back to mom’s advice – when we went to train stations, airports or even our hotels all of our luggage and baggage was carefully screened. Security was extremely tight, but, (thanks to mom) we all had our vitamins and medications in the original containers and didn’t have any problems. Unfortunately, some of the other folks on our tour used the pill organizers and had their vitamins and medications confiscated by security. You haven’t seen “upset” until you’ve seen a grandmother from New Jersey told that she can’t have her vitamins because security doesn’t know what they are.

Most people that I see have problems with this issue when driving their cars here in the good ol’ USA! They may want to take their vitamins or medications after eating breakfast and just put the pills in their pocket or pocketbook until it’s time to take them. If they happen to go through a roadblock (and the officer sees the pill organizer in a pocketbook) or are searched they can be in serious trouble! Even if you have a prescription for the medication but it is not in the “original container”, you could be charged with a misdemeanor!

Now while you’re at home it is okay, but while driving or traveling in the United States or a Foreign Country, don’t use those pill organizers for your vitamins or medications. You can never be too careful trying to avoid any legal problems when traveling and an innocent pill organizer can cause a “run in” with the local authorities here or abroad! So – although handy, pill organizers can be a big problem. “Thanks Mom for all of the great memories from our trips” and do what Mom says and keep all vitamins and medications in their original containers! You’ll be glad you did!