Physicists just announced the discovery of Gravitational waves confirming Einstein’s prediction made over 1 million years ago.

  1. Patience is a virtue. We’ve all heard our mother say this in since we were kids. It took the team of scientist that discovered the gravitational wave decades to succeed. Some DUI/Criminal cases can take not decades but sometimes years to resolve. Usually the longer a DUI/Criminal case is pending the better for the defendant. In some cases when the case is inactive evidence can be lost, key witness for the state could quite their job or move out of the state. If any of these occur in a criminal case it is often very difficult for the state to proceed and win at trial.
  2. Attention to detail is key. The scientist needed extremely precise instruments to measure deviation millions of time smaller than the width of a proton. DUI/Criminal defense attorneys also pay extremely close attention to the details of a case. I was recently able to have a DUI/Criminal charge dismissed because after close review I found that my client was tested eleven minutes before the roadblock was authorized to begin. Without spending the time necessary to do a detailed review of the client’s case the results would surely have been different!
  3. Some things in life are worth fighting for: The discovery of gravitational waves will usher in a new era of astronomy. After being predicted by Einstein our modern day scientist are ready to begin an Era of Astronomy unlike any mankind individual has ever imagined. Likewise a victory in your DUI/Criminal case will usher in a new Era of your life. I have seen many clients whose lives have taken flight after the successful resolution of their DUI/Criminal case. Many have been promoted, gotten into completely new and exciting fields or even open their own businesses after having the weight of pending criminal charges taken off their shoulders.

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